Let's Grab Crayons

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In light of disparities made evident through both COVID19 and the Black Lives Matter Movement, I felt it was important to gather individuals of all backgrounds and levels of experience to unpack the racial machinations of Detroit through guided reading of The Origins of the Urban Crisis by Thomas Sugrue. "Let's Grab Crayons" has served as an academic space for us to learn and hear different perspectives.

The Brotherhood


The mission of this organization is to avail minority males in developing academic, personal, and professional resources. Through empowerment, mentoring, and social action, The Brotherhood aims to help students of color not only become successful college students today but impactful leaders of tomorrow.


In 2017, Kamau formed Altnubian-- an art collective that operated in the Detroit art scene from July 2017 until it’s disbandment in December of 2019. The platform focused on creative cultivation for amatuer black creatives through community events, allyship to LGBTQ creatives, and support of adjacent black creatives. Encompassing musicians, visual artists, models, and photographers, the collective had an impressive run that not only empowered many but also helped contribute to the ever-growing footprint of the Detroit art community.

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Bleeding Hearts Club


Bleeding Hearts Club is an art collective and support group that has been operating since 2016. The group has contributed to the local art landscape through music, performance, and events. The group maintains a more punk-oriented influence in much of its material but the group is very diverse in both its sounds and its personalities. Kamau joined BHC in December of 2018. BHC is currently on hiatus.