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PISSED OFF is a multi-media project encompassing, music, video, playlisting, and design, conceptualized exclusively by me this fall (2020). The 8-track album is a black reclamation of punk music that grabs the torch from black punk pioneers like Death, Pure Hell, and Bad Brains and sprints to the contemporary sonic palette to both express and educate. Packed with heady art-punk chords, intrusive thoughts about an inequitable and often disappointing reality that surrounds black kids, the album pulls no punches in poetically reflecting on the elephant in the room. Through themes of insecurity, anger, and nihilism, the project exhibits the emotional spectrum that blacks often navigate in hard times. Both emotive and unafraid to abandon contemporary tropes, the project pushes the conversation forward of what it means to be black and vulnerable. With uncensored lines like “a cop’s a bastard, hang them in the bathroom”, a four-piece band experiment in rhythmic-lead, and moody poeticism, PISSED OFF so perfectly honors the DIY punk-spirit that elevated Freight Fanon’s influences.

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