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Hailing from Detroit, Freight Fanon, also known as Srch Engn, is a music producer and organizer who uses his platform to advocate for black alternative and independent content creation through roles as both a music producer and organizer.  

Fanon gained local attention serving as creative director for Altnubian--- a black-alternative art collective, as well as serving as an instrumental member of rap collective Bleeding Hearts Club. Performing steadily in Detroit's art scene with both these acts as well as with R&B singer Cullen Emadrey as lead-guitarist.  Participating largely in the performance scene and contributing to Detroit ar culture as both a creator and blogger, Fanon's endgame is to make space for other creatives to the best of his ability through art infrastructure and pushing the sonic and cultural boundaries of alternative rock. 

Inspired by the post-hardcore era, art-punk, and alternative metal movements, Freight Fanon tackles trauma, political dissatisfaction, and melancholy through heady rhythmic-lead guitar and vocal chameleonship, adding yet another unique niche to the ever-growing afropunk diaspora. Fanon writes, produces, and mix/masters his music and goes by the mantra of "getting on the floor and grabbing crayons"--that is to say, build comfort in taking deep dives into ambitious ideas you want to explore,