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"get on the floor and grab crayons"

Detroit born and raised, Kamau is a product of blackness and community--two pillars that remain integral to his work. Through digital storytelling and base-building, Kamau activates residents, helping them become strong movement leaders for their communities.


Kamau Clark is a graduate of Wayne State University with a major in Urban Studies. He is a co-founder of The Brotherhood and a peer-mentor for Warrior VIP. Kamau was also a recipient of the Corvias Endowed Scholarship.

Kamau has worked for SMASH Wayne State and Eastside Community Network in programs that aim at establishing better outcomes for multicultural students. Kamau also interned at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Detroit satellite office where he assisted in both office needs and communications with foundation grantees.

Kamau is also a musician and art-organizer who has played at Dally in the Alley, the Music Hall, El Club, and MORFLO Festival.


Kamau also serves as a precinct delegate for the 34th precinct of Wayne County.


Through his interests, Kamau lives by the expression “get on the floor and grab crayons”. That is to say, Kamau is about getting involved when you see something you’d like to create. With this idea in mind, Kamau would like to work as an organizer, educator, and content creator aimed at creating more equitable spaces for black people.